What is Kinesiology?


Kinesiology is the science of movement and it is one of the leading therapies for effective health and stress management. All types of kinesiology have their basis in muscle testing, and this testing is used to determine whether a situation, activity, memory, food, or substance is causing stress to the body or brain.


Techniques that are used in kinesiology include:

  • acupressure

  • meridian therapy

  • muscle testing

  • nutrition and lifestyle guidance

  • counselling skills

  • bodywork

  • stress management

  • colour therapy

  • chakra balancing

  • brain integration, re-patterning and goal setting

Source - Natural Therapy Pages

Kinesiology Modalities


Neruo-Linguisting Kinesiology - This is a holistic approach to personal change and development and can be useful to both children and adults alike. NLK can improve performance in all areas of life, at home, at the office or at school. It can be beneficial in developing learning, communication skills and help with health related issues.


Touch for Health Kinesiology - This looks at the problems that arise when there is an interrupted flow of energy in your body. There are a number of health issues that may cause this. Aches, pains, emotional stress and dietary problems can all trigger an interruption. Touch for Health therapy taps into these energy flows and evaluates the real root cause of the problem and helps the body heal itself.


Kinesiology is a non-intrusive therapeutic way to establish well-being and balance in your life.



Your first session will require a comprehensive personal history - please allow 10 minutes prior to your sessiong to complete.


Kinesiology works with a positive affirmation to assist with achieving your goal. For a noticable change in pattern, it is recommended 3 sessions be booked.


Your first session will be approximate 1.5hours (can take up to 2 hours), with subsequent sessions being 1 hour.


This is a fully clothed therapy with you participating throughout the session - standing, sitting and laying where necessary.


Kinesiology works through reading the body with muscle testing. A child under the age of 5 years old can not be muscle tested but can still receive a treatment through a suragate (usually a parent).  Like wise, suragate treatments can also be done for pets and in peoples absence providing they are in a safe environment.


Children under the age of 16 years must have an adult present (or waiting in the waiting area if applicable).


Kinesiology does not diagose or cure ailments, rather it assists the body in balancing energy pathways and allowing it's own equilibrium to prevail.

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