Appointment Information


At your first consultation, a brief/ extensive medial history will be taken depending on your situation.  Download here

All client records are confidential and will remain so unless you provide written consent to pass this information on.


Your privacy is maintained at all times, with full draping in place.  

Extra towels are available upon request, and underpants are to remain on at all times.


5 minutes before and after your treatment is allocated into your paid hour for administration, chats, etc.
(This is included in your allocated booked time slot)


If you are running late, please text/ phone ahead as appointments are often booked back to back and can inconvenince other clients later in the day.


Payment is expected on the day of treatment - no accounts - in either cash, credit, eftpos, electronic fund transfer or cheque.   

Receipts will be issued upon request, please be advised that Private Health Funds often only offer a benefit for Remedial Treatments - check with your fund to find out if you are eligible.

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