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Massage - great for relaxation or relief from musclur discomfort

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Kinesiology - great for all other areas of life to bring your body, brain and soul into balance.

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There are so many forms of complimentary therapies out there - where do you go and what do you have?

Firstly, what are you comfortable with? 
Did you want to take your clothes off or leave them on..  (remember are all times with any form of treatment you have the right to be comfortable and there are industry guidelines to protect you and the therapist)


Is your treatment for pain or lifestyle?  
Massage is great for muscular discomfort and works great as a stand alone therapy or in a treatment plan with a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or other allied health professionals.
Kinesiology is an holistic approach to treating all forms of lifestyle needs.  Hormone imbalance, difficulty getting pregnant, learning difficulties, trouble understanding specific information, detoxing, dietary assistance, depression, the list is endless...

If you are in chronic pain, have you seen your doctor or a physiotherapist first for clearance?
At times, there are contraindications to massage and seeking professional help from the right qualified person is your first point of call to rule out anything serious.

Is your therapist industry qualified?

Your health carer - no matter what profession - should belong to an industry association.  This ensures they are complying with all the regulations set in place, keeping up to date with training and knowledge and have minimum training standards are met.

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