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I started my gut health journey in October 2018, with the hope to lose 30kg putting my health back into an acceptable state. Within 5 week, I lost 10kg! and all by eating healthy real food. no shakes, no cleanse days, no exersice, just a couple of vitamins.             More Info....

The Valleys Lifestyle Centre and Teresa Burner Massage & Kinesiology have now partnered up for your benefit.

If you are a Health & Fitness member of The Valleys Lifestyle Centre you will recieve 10% discount on any full price treatment at Teresa Buner Massage.

All you need to do present your Valleys Lifestyle Centre membership card to Teresa.    T & C Apply

Massage - great for relaxation or relief from musclur discomfort

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Kinesiology - great for all other areas of life to bring your body, brain and soul into balance.

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Meet Teresa

Teresa enjoys embracing holistic health and well being.  Whether is it physical pain and discomfort or lifestyle juggling and busy mind syndrome, Teresa has a wide range of qualifications to help in most situations.
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Live clean with a stylish, safe range of personal, skin, home care products plus lots more

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Teresa is a highly skilled and professional remedial therapist! We are lucky to have you here in the valley! Thanks Teresa.

Highly recommend Teresa Burner Massage. Lovely lady and great prices, I'm sure the voucher we bought from her will be enjoyed

Definitely recommend Teresa for remedial massage! She knows the body well that's for sure.

I'm a confessed massage addict, and Teresa is a top notch therapist who knows exactly how the body works. If you're looking for a massage or kinesiology therapy in the Clare area, Teresa Burner is great!

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