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Wake up to coffee with a twist

Wake up to Modere Logiq™. Enhanced with our proprietary TetraBlend™ Coffee plus Liquid BioCell® collagen, this rich, flavourful supplement delivers normal cognitive support in four key ways: it supports normal mood, focus and memory and healthy brain ageing.*

An instant pick-me-up that’s delicious hot or iced, Logiq is a stroke of genius every day.* Made exclusively with Liquid BioCellLegend has it that ancient Ethiopian mystics were the first humans to discover the joys of coffee back in the 11th century. A millennium later, M

odere Logiq ushers in a new generation of this once-exotic elixir by combining the natural benefits of the finest Colombian coffee beans with Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) and our own innovative TetraBlend™.

We didn’t sacrifice any of the premium coffee experience you love; we just made it smarter. Our proprietary formula of ancient and modern nootropic ingredients combines bacopa monnieri, natural caffeine from green tea and coffee, L-theanine and coffee fruit extract to elevate this beloved Australasian staple with tangible benefits for your mood, focus, memory and brain aging.* Together with our Collagen/HA Matrix® technology, these key ingredients make Logiq a truly functional supplement that will turn your lights on anywhere, at any time.

Each stick pack of Logiq provides an additional source of Liquid BioCell. Pair Logiq with SHAPE in the morning and follow with your favourite Liquid BioCell every evening for the full joint and skin benefits of Modere’s Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology.

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